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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“USDOT: Sweet Party Spot“; “Fenty Party Wrap-Up: Wyclef! Usher! Joel Klein!“; “Celebs Invade Ward 8

Morning all. In case you were caught unawares, Barack Obama will be made our 44th president today. In light of (a) such momentous proceedings, (b) LL’s long night of the 19th, and (c) his long day of the 20th, LLD this week will be a somewhat abbreviated edition. Only the best of the best today!


WaPo’s Nikita Stewart and Susan Kinzie wrap up yesterday’s service events: “They crowded into soup kitchens to feed the homeless, flooded school hallways to paint walls and flocked to neighborhood parks to pick up trash in what may have been the largest day of national service ever. It was propelled by the same kind of millions-strong network of e-mail and text messages that marked Obama’s presidential campaign.”

SHAKIRA AT OYSTER—-the press release.

WATIMES—-“Michelle Obama MOBBED by fans at D.C. service event “


Usher was at Simon ES! LL MISSED HIM!


TOLD YA—-So far, so good, as far inaug prep goes. So says Gary Emerling in WaTimes.

HUBRIS? Sunday concert “dress rehearsal” deemed “aced.”

TO HELL WITH CHEH—-Fenty says damn the torpedos, Ward 3 rabble-rousers, and moves forward with Tenley library project. Hizzoner, Bill Myers writes in Examiner, “is refusing to budge and says he will push forward a multimillion-dollar library and housing complex in Tenleytown…[Neil Albert] said the mayor is ‘revising’ the project, though, in hopes of winning over skeptics. The letter doesn’t detail the revisions.”

IG REPORT—-“The D.C. government must tighten its internal controls on vendor payments, tax refunds and payroll in the face of “significant fiscal challenges that we believe will continue into the foreseeable future,” the D.C. inspector general recently warned,” writes Michael Neibauer in Examiner.

LOVE THE HEADLINE—-Examiner: “Councilman Graham pushing legislation to ban fireworks and pit bulls — again.” It’s so good that you could probably skip the story—-but don’t cause Nei-man is the Obama of local media today!

LL CAN VOUCH—-Cellphone users can expect delays in text messages and voice call connections. “Steve Largent [STEVE LARGENT!], president and chief executive of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, urged customers ‘to do their part in decreasing network demand by texting instead of placing voice calls, and holding off on cell phone pictures or video until after the events are over.'” BUT WHAT DOES ZORN THINK?

Fenty makes Gwen Ifill‘s new book about “postracial” politics. CONSENSUS OF LL’S DISTAFF ACQUAINTANCES: Cory Booker still hotter.

Sasha Issenberg examines Obama’s D.C. geography.

Spike Lee: “Anything Michelle Rhee is For, Well Me Too,” says DCist.

Arne Duncan was at Ballou, too.

Metro set Sunday record on, uh, Sunday.

$17M to go to finish MLK memorial.

WTOP with crucial news: “Trash will be picked up in D.C. on Inauguration Day.”

Marc Fisher compares inaugural balls whence and thence. “In 1865, for your $10, you reaped the bounty of the land….On my night out, you couldn’t swipe a whole swine because there was hardly a morsel on offer. At the Declare Yourself ball at the Renaissance hotel, a Hollywood-style party hosted by sitcom producer Norman Lear and featuring pop stars Maroon 5 and John Legend, your $250 got you olives, if you could lift a couple from the bartender’s stash.”


NYT covers inauguration homeless prep. T-Wells quote!

RE BAR HOURS—-Examiner gets a little arty, to ill effect. If you’re goign to read one Freeman Klopott story on late-night revelry, read this one!

Fab wire story on presidential limos.


WRC-TV SAID IT, NOT LL—-D.C. As Secure As Ever


Ben’s Chili Bowl is “Tourist Hot Spot,” according to NC8.


NC8 on youth concert: “‘To show them this on this historic night it’s… I [want to] cry. It’s great. It’s touching — and they just [want to] see the Jonas Brothers,’ said Virginia resident Jennifer Gale.”

Biz Journal story on non-presidential limos.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-No public events scheduled.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-10 a.m.: participant, 56th Presidential Inauguration Swearing-In, United States Capitol; 2:30 p.m.: participant, Presidential Inaugural Parade, Pennsylvania Avenue (Parade Route); 5 p.m.: guest, ABC News Now with Sam Donaldson, ABC.

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