Little about this inauguration pleases Terry Lynch, executive director of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations. Not the extended boozing. And not the behavior of the Secret Service.

He reports in a message to LL Daily: “I waited at the 7th & D checkpoint entrance amidst a crowd of thousands; Secret Service had only a few metal detectors in place, so over a couple hours only 250 folks maybe got through, leaving tens of thousands to leave or left out. A disgraceful performance by the Secret Service.”

Further, Lynch is also not pleased by City Administrator Dan Tangherlini who, he says, “has failed to allow many folks to witness the parade or leave with some orderly semblance after the the Inauguration.”

To sum up: “A very disappointing showing; security has trumped access; and there was a vacuum of crowd control afterwards. DC’s residents and its many visitors deserved better.”