The situation now brewing this very moment at the John A. Wilson Building isn’t making tons of sense. Standing in front of a throng of about 200 people are three burly-looking dudes with credentials. They are keeping the crowd from entering the 51st State Inaugural Ball, that must-go-to event featuring precious ball commodities like Vincent Gray, Marion Barry, Harry Thomas, and many, many other D.C. councilmembers.

What could be the thinking behind keeping the crowd out? Does Gray need to groom his mustache just a touch more before everyone pours in? Does Thomas need to change out of his sweatpants? Are the cheese cubes going too fast? Come on, let the masses into the 51st State!

Update: Chuck Brown just arrived, with an escort provided by the Federal Protective Services. Chuck likes to play to a packed house, too!

Update: The security forces appear to be giving up. They’re giving people a “cursory wanding” and letting them pass.

Reporting by Mike DeBonis, writing by Erik Wemple