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The following item is part of a series in which we corner people at the 2009 Hawaii State Society Inaugural Ball and ask them, “So, what’s your connection with the president?”

It’s now past 11 pm on Inauguration Night, at which point this series dramatically lowers its requirements for profile subjects.

First person to come in over the lower bar is one Leonard Wong. Now, just for context, previous profile subjects in this series have exchanged locally coded glances with the future president, have shed new light on his quality as a person, or had the future president’s father attend one of his memorable life events.

As for Leonard Wong, well, he only wishes he had such a strong nexus.

Here’s what he’s actually got. Leonard Wong has a friend who lives in Hawaii. When Obama went to vacation in Hawaii over the holidays, Leonard Wong‘s friend ventured out to catch a glimpse of the prez-elect and Michelle. The friend of Leonard Wong staked out a position by a fitness club named Semper Fit, right by the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay.

Now for Leonard Wong‘s connection to Obama: While this friend was waiting to see the soon-to-be first couple, he stood in a pose in which he crossed his arms in front of him. At that point, a Secret Service agent came and told the friend of Leonard Wong that he couldn’t stand there with his arms crossed. The friend called Leonard Wong and told him about the incident.

Reporting by Amanda Hess, writing by Erik Wemple