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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“Terry Lynch Finds ‘A Vacuum of Crowd Control’ Post-Inaug“; “Mike DeBonis: A Man on a Mission“; and the rest of the CP inaug coverage.

Morning all. It’s over. Phew. And a special phew from LL, who is glad that he will no longer be filling LLD with inaugural minutiae. Not that it wasn’t worth it!

THE LEDE—-Ticketed inaugurationgoers denied access to swearing-in due to overcrowding, leaving thousands heartbroken—-and stuck in the “Purple Tunnel of Doom.” WHO SCREWED UP?

Reporters Mike Neibauer, Mark Segraves, and probably others were down at the John A. Wilson Building for the festivities. From Neibauer’s wrap: “The Wilson Building, locked down by the U.S. Secret Service, was open only to people on a pre-screened list. The council and guests, including Fenty’s parents, enjoyed the parade from the comfort of their viewing stand, constructed on the front steps of the Wilson Building a block from the White House. They applauded and snapped photos as Obama passed in his limo.” WPGC-FM live from Harry Thomas‘ office!

Fatal fire this morning on 2200 block of North Capitol Street.

AP official-ball wrap, and WaPo’s non-official celebrations wrap. INSIDE—-K Street was apparently a bad spot for vending: “‘Setting up here was a disaster,’ said vendor Roger Reddock, standing in the same area, amid boxes brimming with sweat shirts and T-shirts.”

GGW’s David Alpert has the definitive wrap-up of the inauguration from a Metro perspective. His take: “Nice job, Metro!” WaTimes calls transpo problems “minor.” WRC-TV has videos of Metro chaos.

OFFICIALS TO WAPO—-“Security Efforts Are Mostly a Success.” Officials, clearly, didn’t have to wait in line. But it’s true, “Although there were numerous complaints about chaotic procedures at security checkpoints, the event went off without serious disruption.” Everyone behaved themselves.

HOW MANY PEOPLE?—-“A senior security official with access to internal estimates from several agencies put the total crowd size at 1.8 million, including the parade route. A satellite image appears to show about 1 million people on the Mall at 11:18 a.m., according to a Washington Post analysis.” Metro ridership almost certainly exceeded 1M. Examiner says 1.5M. What will the government says? Probably nothing.

D.C. REPORT CARD—-WaPo editorial board says “[t]he city proved equal to an unparalleled challenge….Mr. Obama was right…to hail the thousands of military personnel, volunteers and police officers, as well as D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and others, who worked so hard to shape this unique event.” OTOH…Terry Lynch not the only pissed-off one. Check this WaPo letter writer: “Mayor Adrian M. Fenty owes the people of Washington and the nation a deep apology for the disgraceful way in which the police handled some aspects of President Barack Obama‘s inauguration yesterday.”

BUT WAS IT REALLY THAT BAD?—-WaPo’s take: “Despite Glitches, Traffic Mostly Controlled” Gotta love cops: “One District police sergeant at 17th and H streets NW was exasperated from trying to answer questions from hundreds of befuddled visitors. ‘I need a big, fat ‘I don’t know’ stripped right across my chest, man,’ he said.”

MORE GOSSIP—-Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson sat together at swearing-in. They posed for a photo with Adrian and Michelle Fenty.

Water main breaks under Archives Metro station; luckily, “only a Starbucks and the bathrooms at the station, which were closed to the public, were without water.”

Smithsonian museums closed due to overcrowding.

Would you wait 105 minutes for a half-smoke?

Marc Fisher lets the people speak for themselves.

John Kelly dresses up as Abe Lincoln; people love it.

Harry Jaffe sees proof of racial harmony in Monday concert by the Alice Deal Jazz Combo down at Sousa Middle School in Ward 7. WAIT A MINUTE, JAFFE—-“Alice Deal lies at the center of what I call Upper Caucasia, between Wisconsin and Connecticut avenues in Ward 3″…Were you calling it that before we did?

RED LINE MIRACLE—-Houston loaner transit cop saves 68-year-old woman fallen on tracks at Chinatown Metro. WRC-TV video report.

People got cold; kids got lost. And the trash—THE TRASH!

BIZ JOURNAL FLOODS THE ZONE—-covers GOP inaug parties; Mid-Atlantic ball; PNC’s party for DCPS kids; restaurants; cell phones; vending; the Georgetown scene; and MARC trains.

WaPo’s Ian Shapira enters Frazier O’Leary‘s Cardozo High classroom as they tackle Toni Morrison‘s latest novel .”This high school class in Northwest Washington was among the first in the nation—-perhaps the first—-to study the 167-page novel, released in November to superlative reviews. With the nation’s first African American president set to take office and the term “post-racial” moving into cultural currency, major questions hovered within the purple walls of Room 115: Would the teens connect with Morrison’s rendering of America’s racial past? Could the advanced class comprehend her complex style?”

WASA’s bond rating is upgraded, just ahead of $300M in bond issues.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-4:30 p.m.: Committee on Public Works and Transportation organizational meeting for Council Period 17, JAWB 120.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-No public events scheduled.