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Spike Lee in his awesome coat.

Some of us are still feeling the effects of our long walk home from the Mall (my feet are still killing me; I am old). Some of us are still recovering from the Hawaii State Society ball. And some of us just made it into the office.

There was tons to say about the Inauguration (and we are pretty much tired of typing about it). But there’s still a few things left to report out. There were winners. And there were losers. Here’s a partial list. Feel free to add your own winners and losers in the comments:


1) Fenty: The mayor raised his profile big time by popping up on the major networks, and organizing a concert in which he coaxed Wyclef into performing.

2) Ben’s Chili Bowl: In every tourist’s guidebook with or without the ice sculpture. It became a pilgrimage for celebrities like Usher. It didn’t hurt that Obama famously visited the joint.

3) Freer Gallery: Post-swearing in, the gallery’s prime position turned it into the hottest squatting spot off Independence Ave. There were actual lines to get into the Freer (maybe a first).

4) Ms. Virginia: We stopped her outside Bohemian Caverns on Monday night. She boasted of going to several balls and being quite overwhelmed by all the goodwill. I made the offense of asking her: “What year?” as in what year did you win?

5) Wyclef: I may have hated his performance at the Green Inaugural Ball. But the man was a ubiquitous presence. He hasn’t been this in-demand in years.

J Lo is in this picture. We swear.

6) J Lo’s bodyguards: According to my sister who had a prime spot for the swearing-in, J Lo didn’t just score a seated ticket for herself and her famous husband. She scored tickets for her bodyguards as well. Who cares enough about J Lo that she needs bodyguards? How did she get away with bringing an entourage to the swearing in?

Another picture of Spike Lee and his awesome coat.

7) Spike Lee: The man wore the best winter coat we saw at the swearing in. So he’s a winner.


1) Parade Bleachers: They were the loneliest seats of the day. The big question: Why were they so empty?

2) Freer Gallery Art: I heard from a friend who escaped inside the Freer Gallery after the swearing in. He said most of the people who were crashing there were just wandering the hallways like zombies. No one was bothering to check out the art! Were people too tired to chin stroke some sweet paintings?

3) The lost children: There were 30 kids who lost their parents during the inauguration yesterday morning. All were returned. But probably not without some anxious moments and some tears!

4) The tunnel dwellers: People got stuck.

5) Anybody who bought tickets to the American Music Ball(s).

*photos of Spike Lee and J Lo by my sister and her boyfriend.