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The District of Columbia sure cannot make a very convincing case for statehood in terms of size: It’s 61.4 square miles.

It has trouble, too, with population—a mere 585,000 people live here.

And who wants a guy like Paul Strauss to move from Shadow Senator to Senator-In-The-Full-Light-Of-Day?

But there’s a group of D.C.ers—-very good high-school football players—who are making the case for the District to become the 51st. According to Sports Illustrated, the District produced 27 recruits for Bowl Championship Series college football programs between 2004 and 2008.

Although that number would appear to pale when placed alongside a monster football mill like Florida—with 981 recruits—it’s a remarkable number when you look at per-capita production of football stars. By that measure, the District is close to Florida: It produced one fabulous BCS recruit for every 21,919 residents, and Florida’s per-capita rate was one phenom for every 18,683 residents. On the per-capita front, D.C. blows out states like Texas (24,976), California (44,499), Ohio (31,729) and so on.

And even in absolute terms—not adjusted by population, that is—the District’s great football recruits run up the score on several states with Senators and Representatives, including Nevada, West Virginia, Idaho, and others.