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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“Inauguration Wrap: Front Row to History

IN LL WEEKLY—-“Opposition Figure: Marion Barry breaks his LL ban to talk schools.

Morning all. That’s right—-a momentous thing happened last week—-the Mayor-for-Life unilaterally broke his usual strict radio silence with LL to talk about the D.C. Public Schools. A must read!

Jonetta Rose Barras sees warning signs for Barack Obama‘s “post-racial” vision in Tony Williams’ experience governing Washington. “Williams was dogged throughout his eight-year tenure: Some African-Americans challenged his blackness; others accused him of being an agent of white, wealthy Washingtonians.”

City employees wondering where the hell the DMH privatization plan is, WaPo’s Darryl Fears reports. “[H]undreds of doctors, clinicians and assistants are wondering when they will have to search for work. The employee unions have said the proposed plan would be unfair to workers and clients who rely on them. Mentally ill patients do not trust easily, and their transition to private clinics will not go smoothly, they warned.”

RED LETTER DAY FOR LITTER—-Hundreds of tons of trash left on the Mall and its environs, thanks in no small part to the fact that trash cans had been removed throughout the area for security reasons, says Michael Neibauer in Examiner and Petula Dvorak in WaPo. What’d people leave? “The detritus included handwarmer packets, bottles, food, newspapers, blankets, gloves, coolers and a table or two, in addition to items bought from street vendors.”

More on District’s official estimate of 1.8M from WaPo: “Mafara Hobson, Fenty’s spokeswoman, described the count as a ‘collective decision’ reached Tuesday inside the city’s joint operations command center, where dozens of local and federal agencies were helping to coordinate security and traffic management. She said it was based on information collected by several cameras and individuals on the ground.” NPS does “not contest” the figure; others do.

The final Metro tally, from Examiner: “The transit system says it provided about 1.12 million rail trips, 423,000 bus trips and 1,721 MetroAccess rides for those with disabilities for a total of 1.54 million trips, the highest ridership day in the transit agency’s history.”

Bike valet took @2,000 bikes Tuesday, Examiner reports. Rousing success: No bikes lost; one helmet temporarily misplaced.

MORE NUMBERS—-From WaTimes: 957 treated at medical tents, about 500 calls for FEMS service, about 200 taken to hospitals, no arrests made.

Why was parade delayed Tuesday? Horse problems.

Police union files grievance asking for thousands in extra wages, because MPD didn’t follow contract requirement stating that schedule changes must be made two weeks in advance. The department’s inauguration schedule, Examiner’s Bill Myers reports, was made only 10 days in advance! “Police union chair Kris Baumann told The Examiner any extra money stemming from the scheduling conflict shouldn’t come out of the federal emergency. ‘If I’m living in Rhode Island or California, I don’t know whether I want my tax dollars to pay for management incompetence….This should not be an open checkbook to cover their screwups.'”

KINDA LIKE SOME OF THOSE DESPERATE INAUGURAL BALLS—-Nats cut ticket prices on 14,000 seats; hold rates on the rest.

March for Lifers not expecting a whole lot of attention today. Reports WaTimes, “The chances are good, however, that news organizations will not be in close attendance for the pro-life crowds. The event has not been much of a press draw over time, and this year would seem particularly bleak.” Hey—-NC8’s covering it! WTOP has deets on street closures, parking restrictions.

Marc Fisher does his wrapup: Kind words for Metro, bike valets; harsher ones for closed bridges, ubiquitous National Guardsmen, and the Marriott Wardman Park parking lot, “where a sign went up just in time to greet the crush of partygoers: Event Parking, $50. (Breathe easy, Post bean-counters, I talked the attendant down to $17. The winning argument: This isn’t Hollywood. Result: A $33 savings and a laugh from a beleaguered parking guy.)”

WaPo: “[R]egional transportation officials said they were generally pleased with how their inaugural plans worked out and hope to use the experience for future events.”

Museum curators on the prowl for Obama memorabilia.

Congressional leaders—-Steny Hoyer!—-promise investigation into security and access snafus that left thousands of ticketed folks on the outside looking in. MORE ON THE PURPLE TUNNEL OF DOOM—-from WTTG-TV, from WRC-TV. THE DEFINITIVE PIECE: From Pat Collins, natch.

47.4 percent of area households watched the inauguration on TV. Only Raleigh-Durham posted a bigger share.

Will feds have Metro’s back on possible loan call?

More on deadly North Capitol Street fire; 86-year-old woman killed, 11-year-old autistic grandson is in stable condition.

Four sickened by CO on South Dakota Avenue.

Grease fire at Union Station McDonald’s clears the area; 17-year-old stabbed Wednesday evening, also in Union Station.

More on WASA credit upgrade.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-11 a.m.: Committee on Health roundtable on Implementation of the Academic Detailing Program in the District of Columbia, JAWB 500; 2 p.m.: Committee on Aging and Community Affairs meeting, JAWB 123; 3:30 p.m.: Committee on Health meeting on Council Period 18 organization, JAWB 120.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-6:45 a.m.: guest, Connecting with the Mayor, WRC-TV; 7:10 a.m.: guest, Fenty on Fox, WTTG-TV.