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We know that City Paper readers expect the best from our dead-tree product. Unfortunately, yours truly was sporting his dunce cap while editing this past Monday night and let slip a few errors in the City Lights section (as well as created errors where there were none).

Here are the corrections:

  • Frank Warren debuted his PostSecret project at Artomatic, not Art-o-matic. Warren will be appearing at the Lisner Auditorium next Friday (also: Warren had a great interview with City Desk).
  • We wrote about Orpheus in the Underworld at Atlas (mis-titled as Orpheus and Eurydice), and said that it opens Sunday, 1/25. Not true—it closes Sunday, 1/25, and you can catch it 1/25 or 1/24.
  • January 26 is a Monday, and January 27 is a Tuesday (we just want you to know that we know).
  • The Art Department show at the Velvet Lounge costs $8, not “TK” (a common placeholder when you’ve yet to call a venue and find out the cost of a show).

Some of our readers might be thinking, “What’s to keep Riggs from shitting all over City Lights in the future?” Well, readers, I done made me a checklist (entitled “Don’t Be a Dick: Proofread With Caution!”), and will be checking it twice from here on out.