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Looks like 1.8 million folks attended Barack Obama’s first swearing-in.

At least, that’s the figure that seems to be winning the estimating game so far. The number comes from Mayor Adrian Fenty’s people.

This marks the first time any DC mayor has taken the lead in announcing an inaugural crowd estimate.

The National Park Service used to handle those chores, until Louis Farrakhan made a stink about the agency’s estimation of 400,000 for 1995’s Million Man March, also on the Mall.

It looked like the Park Service was going to jump back into the number crunching business when earlier this week an NPS spokesperson told the media to expect an official inaugural estimate on Thursday.

But yesterday, the agency cited the Farrakhan-inspired Congressional ban on crowd estimation and declined to throw out a figure.

Go with somebody else’s number, NPS officials told inquirers.

So, 1.8 million it is.

For now.