I missed the SAG Awards last night — allegedly the most appreciated among dog-and-pony shows because the winners are chosen by other actors — but a quick scan of the recipients reveals no surprises. Slumdog, of course. Meryl Streep, yawn.

This afternoon, though, I received a press release announcing the picks of a group Sean Penn may start caring about in another year: AARP, whose magazine’s editorial staff votes on what they somewhat condescendingly call the Movies for Grownups Awards. According to the announcement, the MFGA “have become a consistent bellweather [sic] for each year’s subsequent Oscar winners.”

Let’s hope not. It wouldn’t be the worst choice if Frost/Nixon snagged a Best Picture trophy from the Academy as it did from those representing the 50+ set.

But the year films such as Smart People (with two noms) and The Women (three!) are considered for anything besides Movies That Should Have Never Been Released or Actors Who Should Be Ashamed of Themselves, we’ll know that Hollywood has truly hit rock bottom.

The AARP victors: Best Movie: Frost/Nixon Best Actress 50 and Over: Meryl Streep, Doubt Best Actor 50 and Over: Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon Best Supporting Actor, etc.: Bill Irwin, Rachel Getting Married Best Supporting Actress: A tie! Christine Baranski and Julie Waters, Mamma Mia! Best Director: Gus Van Sant, Milk Best Screenwriter: J. Michael Stracynski, The Changeling Best Grownup Love Story: Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, Last Chance Harvey Best Comedy for Grownups: Ghost Town Best Intergenerational Film: The Visitor Best Documentary (no age restriction, apparently): Man on Wire Best Foreign Language Film (ditto): Edge of Heaven Best Buddy Picture: The Family That Preys Best Movie for Grownups Who Refuse to Grow Up: Iron Man

Full list of nominees at AARP’s site.