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Tomorrow night, Maret‘s boys basketball team plays at Sidwell Friends.

It will be Maret’s first visit since the rivalry between the two schools really got funny, or ugly, depending on how seriously you take sophomoric taunts.

Maret was leading during a game at Sidwell last month when the home team’s fans nailed the visitors with a group chant of “O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!”

Both schools had been finalists in the effort to land tuition fees for First Daughters Elect Malia and Sasha. In case anybody from Maret had forgotten, the chant reminded ’em that Sidwell won the competition for the Obama girls.

And, compounding the hurt, the home crowd’s participation inspired the Sidwell boys to come back and beat Maret —- whose fans had retorted with a cheer of “Oatmeal Sucks!” to play on Sidwell’s Quaker roots —- by a point.

City Desk’s write-up of the cheer-war went viral, and students from both schools used our comments section to call each other some variant of “doo-doo head.”

Soon after the digital brouhaha, a Sidwell student contacted me to say that his school’s headmaster went on the PA system during classes earlier that day and warned students that City Paper’s website was now being monitored.

Anybody from Sidwell who posted objectionable material here could be subject to punishments, including suspensions, for honor code violations.

Bottom line: Don’t expect a repeat of the revelry at tomorrow night’s rematch.

“Everybody here’s looking around to see who’s going to rat on who,”  the Sidwell student told me. “Nobody would have been cursing or calling Maret gay or anything if they knew our dean was reading this. We thought nobody would read this. We thought it was all funny. But, the ‘O-ba-ma’ chants are done. We can’t do them again.”

Apparently no such edicts were handed down at Maret: A student there told me that she thought her school’s administrators were “secretly proud” of the “Oatmeal Sucks!” comeback.

You gonna let ’em do you like that, Sidwell?