The Post says that today’s snowfall could be the biggest in years. Then there’s the story’s second graph: “The winter wonderland will be fleeting, though, with the snow predicted to dissolve into sleet and freezing rain later in the day, possibly affecting the evening drive.”

New Columbia Heights reports that a new coffee shop has opened at 786 Harvard. It also sells hot tea and cheap sandwiches. Prince of Petworth recently spotted a new coffee shop on Georgia Avenue. The shop is called Fresh Off The Roast.

And Now, Anacostia declares that DHCD is finally moving to Anacostia Gateway: “You may have noticed all the work being done on the interior of Anacostia Gateway recently: walls are up, cubicles are in, and bright accent walls are painted. Even though their entrance is coming six months later than originally planned, the Department of Housing and Community Development will finally move into their space next weekend, and will be open for business on the morning of February 2.”

Bloomingdale (for now) reports on the scuttlebutt over a complaint filed against an ANC Commissioner. The complaint stems from the commissioner publishing a newsletter. It’s a must read (and too complicated to go into here).

River East Idealist writes perhaps the only inauguration-themed post that targets panhandling. He She watches a panhandler in Dupont Circle before attending a ball:

“Over a span of 30 minutes, he managed to collect a nice sum of cash.  The problem is that he never got on a train.  Finally, after discrete inspection of his eyes, lips, and twittering arms, I concluded that the young man was a junkie in training.  At first, I was angry. I was angry with him for ruining this glorious night. Then, I was angry that he was such a horrible representative of African American males on a day where African American’s seemed to be vindicated from centuries of negative stereotypes. I was angry that he was using drugs.  Most of all, I was angry that there was nothing I could do to help him”

On a side note, some of the best inauguration photos I’ve seen have come from Prince of Petworth‘s photo contest. (Our own contest’s winner will be announced soon). You can see more of the blog’s entries here and here.

JDLand runs down the many changes coming to the Nats Stadium. No word yet on the Nats acquiring a few decent pitchers or a star slugger.

Penn Quarter Living spots some portable toilets being removed during a recent rush hour. But these are not the toilets from the Mall.

Intangible Arts reports that has launched for all you local experimental music geeks: “The site is a group effort from the local experimental music culture, and pulls together gig listings from across the scene. It’s a one-stop-shopping deal, which includes Sonic Circuits, Electric Possible, Lighthouse, Velvet Lounge, and other events as they arise. All mashed together in a gory digital hellhole for you to enjoy.” You can check out the noise site. Meanwhile our own music blog has the rundown on the latest leaked songs.