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For the barely current issue of City Paper, I wrote about the Georgetown Hoyas’ new t-shirt shooter, called the T-Shirt Gatling Gun.

Who cares that the team is slumping? The few seconds it takes for the multi-chambered air rifle to fire a couple dozen shirts into the stratosphere are worth a trip to the Verizon Center.

Before encountering the Hoyas’ toy, I don’t think I’d heard the phrase “Gatling Gun” since high school history class. (I’m a product of Fairfax County schools, where civil war minutiae gets treated like breaking local news. )

But, as any military buff would be aware but I hadn’t a clue, the Gatling Gun never went away as an implement of destruction.

And now, in fact, it’s really in vogue.

Apparently, Barack Obama’s escorts carry a Gatling Gun with them, just in case.

Here’s footage of the presidential firepower in action.

Prepare to be scared. No, really.