On February 6-7, fans of short cinema can watch the best of the 2008 D.C. Shorts Film Festival in conjunction with the Our City Film Festival. I reviewed a handful of films from last year’s D.C. Shorts, and didn’t have many positive things to say. In response to said review, a reader wondered if I was 13 years old and then accused me of duncifying cinema because I suggested College Humor was a model for short-movie makers. To him I say that I must have been at least a little right, seeing as not one of the films showing next month was included in the showcase I reviewed.

Even though that review put me on someone’s shit list over at the D.C. Film Alliance, I think I’ll be heading to Bar Louie on Feb. 7 to see the Best of the Best. Few outings match the cozy feeling that comes from sitting elbow to elbow with other film nerds, listening to CPAs-turned-indie directors talk about how edgy and real their productions are.

In other news, the Washington Psychotronic Film Society is still homeless. The group had been showing its films to standing-room-only crowds at the Meeting Place, until Jan. 6, when some old lady complained to the bar’s owner about the anal rape scene in the Isle of the Damned. According to the Psychotronic Zone, Dr. Schlock is on the lookout for a new bar and he’d like fans of B movies to help him. Schlock is thinking about Solly’s (a favorite of local libertarians!) and Recession’s, but says that Chief Ikes and The Big Hunt are out of the question (let’s just say that the WPFS has been irritating bar owners for a very long time). Send your suggestions to washpsychotronic@yahoo.com.