Harold C. “Rabbit” Angstrom: Not-so-great husband. Accidental friend of half-assed radicals. Faithful reader of Consumer Reports! So reports Consumer Reports‘ Home & Garden blog:

Rabbit Is Rich is filled with references to our magazine and car coverage; a mention on the first page, with Rabbit working at a car dealership, reads: “The f—-ing world is running out of gas. But they won’t catch him, not yet, because there isn’t a piece of junk on the road gets better mileage than his Toyotas, with lower service costs. Read Consumer Reports, April issue. That’s all he has to tell the people when they come in.”

Rabbit was smart. Toyotas are good cars, and Consumer Reports—-to which this non-fictional non-protagonist has subscribed in one form or another for a decade—-can be very helpful when researching future purchases. Also, John Updike was a good writer.