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BREAKING: A commuter awake and driving at 4 this morning noticed a body near the exit ramp of southbound I-270 at Father Hurley Boulevard. MoCo police are investigating it as a homicide and have shut down the ramp for several hours. (via NC8)

In the rest of BlogoDC, news is a touch less exciting.

Bloomingdale (For Now) seems vaguely pleased by the tree removal in front of the nabe’s “public restroom” (1823 1st St. NW) where the blogger actually caught someone actually peeing. BFN wants a shade tree to replace it. We’re thinking Don’s Johns might be a better call.

The Left continues to sputter in the face of finally being happy. But over at DC Indymedia, hope mixed with just a touch of bitterness is still alive. There’s a call to action to march “Black Bloc style” against the anarchist’s comfort food, the military industrial complex. Grab your black scarves and flags March 19 at McPherson Square and March 21 at Farragut Square. “Spokescouncils to be announced.” Or stay home and look at Obama on the TV. He’s so dreamy!

And speaking of comfort food, U Street Girl‘s offering of pork chops with ginger applesauce looks easy and delish, but City Desk also recommends brining. Even a half-hour in salty pork water (mmmm. pork water) will make a huge difference in this dish.

Finally! Here’s my belated and obligatory link to the belated anger against my belated rant about D.C. brunch culture and how it sucks. My screed is belated because it sucked for a good long time before I chimed in. And, for the record, brunch dc, you’re right. My brunch tastes are not “up to par.” And do you know why? Because brunch is stupid.

Metro riders: You no longer have to worry about mermaids and clean coal being a myth. Drink Pepsi instead! The Other 35 Percent has an obituary to an ad campaign that’s worth checking out. City Desk also misses the Metro ads calling out labor tactics at the Washington Post. We can do it!

Photo of Frank the Cat loving D.C. by KCA