The Washington Times has a great story about DEA leftovers from the Bush administration still going after medical marijuana despite the new president’s stated desire that the federal government stay out of the way in these matters.

Pot is legal for sick folks according to state law in California. But DEA agents have been on a binge of raids there lately involving firms that provide medical marijuana to the needy.

George W. Bush, according to the story, always told his troops to ignore California codes.

Why would Bush, being of the party that boasts of its love of states rights, be so gung ho against pot?

It might have something to do with all the drug use he was alleged to have done during his lost years, but never confessed to.

Or the answer of his anti-pot bent might be found on another leftover from his administration: the web site of the White House Office of Drug Policy.

On the section for “Street Terms,” in the B’s, you’ll find “Bush” listed as a cool-kids’ synonym for pot.

That’s gotta hurt.

‘Course, you’ll also find “Righteous Bush,” “Bobo Bush,” “Kate Bush,” and “Potten Bush” on the same official White House list of marijuana euphemisms.

Kate Bush”? For real?

Is there a chance in hell Michael Phelps or any other American stoner ever really smoked “Kate Bush”?