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Dan Snyder‘s post-prosperous theme park chain, Six Flags, is borrowing a page from the Redskins playbook in an attempt to return to its glory days.

Just as Snyder brought back Joe Gibbs in 2004 with the Redskins hitting bottom, Six Flags is pinning its future to the return of….Mr. Six!

There’s been message board chatter about a comeback by the pedophilishy bald old dude mascot for months.

Now, it looks like the rumors are about to become reality.

At a recent convention of theme park enthusiasts, says one attendee, Six Flags’ spokesperson Brooke Gabbert told the gathered coaster obsessives that Mr. Six will be the focus of the company’s marketing campaign for 2009.

Mr. Six predates Snyder’s reign atop Six Flags. One of Snyder’s earliest decisions after taking over the company in late 2005. after all, was to jettison the creep.

But, by now, everybody looks back at the days with Mr. Six as the face of the franchise as a Golden Age.

That was, after all, a time when Six Flags stock (SIX) could be sold for $11.93 a share.

The stock price went to poop as soon as Snyder started implementing his rebuilding strategy. After sinking as low as 16 cents a share, SIX has been waddling from 31 cents to 33 cents and back for a couple months now.

It didn’t help that Snyder’s pick as Mr. Six’s replacement, an unnamed Asian character who screamed “More flags! More fun!” a lot, only brought complaints that Six Flags was racist.

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