Via, Beliefnet’s list of the “Top 12 Evangelical Christians in Sports Today,” which is the kind of thing that makes even a regular Corner reader breath a sigh of relief about last year’s election. Some highlights:

  • It was “God’s work” that Curt Schilling was able to pitch with the bloody sock. God doesn’t do tsunamis, apparently, but he does do Important Baseball Games.

  • Joe Gibbs has a companion book to his 2003 success plan, Racing to Win. It’s called Racing to Win Bible Study. Jesus wanted you to brand yourself.
  • Shaun Alexander, for whom God’s purpose seems to have excluded “Redskins running back,” has daughters named Heaven, Trinity, and Eden. Interestingly, two of these three children are named for extrabiblical concepts, which is kind of the Achilles heel of sola scriptura American evangelism. (Cf. teetotaling)
  • Florida QB Tim Tebow actively campaigns for home-schoolers to be able to compete in public school athletics. But then will we have to sticker all the basketballs with a warning that gravity is only a theory?
  • Falcons kicker Jason Elam is the co-author of not one but two books about Islamic terrorists invading pro football, Monday Night Jihad and the new “fast-paced spy thriller” Blown Coverage. Kirk Cameron, get your agent on the phone!

And, of course, none of the Top 12 evangelicals in all of sports plays overseas.