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Big story this weekend was the weather (and not the Pro Bowl)—-it felt like wintertime in D.C. for the first time in weeks. January, according to reports, was colder than usual, and February started out likewise. Yet somehow and for some reason, as the temps tilted toward 60 degrees on Sunday, people didn’t get the memo and could be found in large, bulky coats. What’s up with that. I am going to suggest that there’s a certain demographic out there that doesn’t watch the news, pick up a newspaper, or check out the Internet—these folks just assume that since it’s winter, it’s cold. No other possible explanation for it.

On news fronts, it’s basically the economic crisis, and many things that don’t matter nearly as much. Let’s stick to the latter here.

Comments from the heroic pilot of that Hudson River-landing plane.

Can’t believe that in the year 2009, they’re still playing the Pro Bowl.

Well, there’s a multiagency investigation of the cancellation of the Veterans Presidential Inaugural Ball, so how did Dionne Warwick’s bash skate free?

What happened to a 36-year-old with paranoid delusions in a city with a patchwork system of care for the mentally ill?

WashTimes has the skinny on the unpresidentialness of “doom” rhetoric.

WaPo on the rise of homelessness among schools population.