DCist spotted this first. Carlos in DC does some big-time reporting at the vigil for Jose Sanchez. He finds plenty of people who witnessed the event or saw Sanchez on the ground and called 911. Some of the people he interviewed were furious at the slow response from paramedics:

“‘It took 25 minutes for the firemen to arrive, they didn’t care. They didn’t do much to help him, one of them step on his stomach… he put his foot on his stomach… they didn’t give him oxygen or anything, he was alive… they were all white…’ said the witness.”

We’ve debated the Sanchez incident late last week. I wonder if the D.C. Council will hold a hearing on the case? If what the witness is reporting is true….maybe there should be a protest instead of more vigils and angst.

Bloomingdale (for now) wonders: What’s going on with the apartment building at 143 Rhode Island Ave NW? The blogger does some research and concludes: “This is a gorgeous building, located on the triangle formed by the corner of rhode island avenue and t street. it’s a shame the building isn’t cared for as well as it should be.” Meanwhile, our own Housing Complex is all over this past Saturday’s McMillan meeting.

Life In Mount Vernon Square has a rundown of Feb. 11’s ANC 6C meeting. Get pumped! The Examiner boycott will be discussed! Penn Quarter Living also provides a preview of that meeting as well as others.

Prince of Petworth reports that Columbia Heights Coffee is not expanding.

Borderstan pleads: Remember Your Poop Bags (Please!) The blogger writes:

“I remember about 25 years ago when I lived in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Dog owners were not as diligent then about cleaning up dog poo. We had a number of really cold winters in the 1980s with lots of snow. One winter, the snow kept coming, without any of it melting between snowstorms.

Dogs would poo on the snow. It would snow more. Dogs would poo on the next layer of snow. This continued for about a month to six weeks. It was very ugly when the temperatures rose and the snow melted: layer upon layer of dog poop.”