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Morning LLDers. Man, and LL was just starting to strike up a relationship: Federal prosecutors want to throw Marion Barry in jail for not filing his tax return last year. Now last time this happened, back in 2007, a judge refused to jail the mayor-for-life. This time, according to Del Quentin Wilber in WaPo, “[l]egal experts said Barry (D-Ward 8) is in serious legal jeopardy.” Examiner’s Michael Neibauer says the prosecutor “urged the court to put Barry in jail, as he has proven his ‘unworthiness to reap the benefits of a lenient sanction.'” Prosecutor-turned-ace-defense-attorney Dave Schertler tells WaPo Barry could get several months behind bars. It’s all on Judge Deborah A. Robinson now!

GOD BLESS NEI-MAN—-He got a Carol Schwartz quote! “No comment, but I know I would like to come back as him.”

JIM GRAHAM PULLS THE GEITHNER CARD—-Tells WRC-TV, “Isn’t there somebody who’s secretary of the treasury today who didn’t pay taxes?”

SOME WARD 8 MAN-ON-THE-STREET, FROM NC8: “We forget sometimes…Marion Barry is getting old like I am. When you get old you forget so…let him slide one more time.”

Vince Gray wants to end city contract with controversial Florida brain clinic, according to Examiner’s Bill Myers. “The Wauchula, Fla.-based [Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation] has been the subject of abuse and neglect complaints for years, including a report from a congressionally appointed D.C. monitor that accused clinic officials of treating its D.C. wards ‘like garbage.’ That hasn’t stopped the Fenty administration from proposing to pay the clinic $2.3 million this year. Seeing the proposed contract, Gray passed a bill extending the review period for the deal.”

ALL TEACHERS CONTRACT ALL THE TIME—-Michelle Rhee announces at news conference that salary hikes under new contract proposal won’t be quite so dramatic. Thanks a lot, economy! Writes Bill Turque in WaPo, “The financial package Rhee offered in July called for a minimum increase of 28 percent over five years, depending on which salary ‘tier’ teachers selected. But with the District expected to collect at least $456 million less in tax revenue during the 2010 fiscal year, she said the situation has changed….The chancellor said the financial downturn has not weakened what she has described as commitments from private foundations to fund an unprecedented five-year program of ‘reform stipends’ and performance bonuses for teachers.”

Meanwhile, the WaPo editorial board is not impressed with WTU’s “counteroffer”: “It’s worrisome that this counterproposal seems to reflect none of the progress made during 10 months of negotiations between the local union and Ms. Rhee, which came close to producing a tentative agreement. Why is tenure off the table? Where are the green and red pay scales? How come the union wants to fiddle with the 90-day plan to rid the system of bad teachers? Has progress in all these areas been sacrificed to the national American Federation of Teachers?”

OH, AND AS FOR THE REST OF THAT PRESSER? Examiner’s Leah Fabel captures it in this lovely lede: “District Mayor Adrian Fenty and schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee touted improvements in graduation and truancy rates Monday — from abysmal to slightly less so.” WUSA-TV somewhat less skeptical.

BIG DAY FOR EDUCATION IN WAPO—-Susan Kinzie covers the latest UDC drama—-over the creation of a separate community college—-albeit somewhat half-assedly. NUTGRAF: “The changes will not come without a fight: Students plan to pitch tents on campus today, sleep there overnight and boycott classes tomorrow to protest the plan. Some campus and city leaders are alarmed at the pace of change and skeptical that the city’s long-troubled public university can pull it off—-especially without an infusion of cash.” For a more full-assed treatment, you want to read last week’s LL Weekly.

Barry, incidentally, has no problem with the closing of two DCPS elementary schools in his ward. “I agree. It makes sense, educationally and otherwise,” he told Turque before the tax news broke.

THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT, ARLINGTONIAN. NOW ABOUT THAT COMMUTER TAX?—-In WaPo letter, one Rich Green of Arlington complains about the potholes on 395. His suggestion: “a ‘Pothole Czar’ who would drive that stretch of road every couple of weeks and direct a ‘Pothole Team’ to fix these cavernous pits that ruin wheel alignments!” LL RANT: IF YOU EVEN THINK OF HUMORING THIS SUBURBAN DOOFUS, TANGHERLINI, LL WILL SHAVE YOUR BEARD WITH A RUSTY HUBCAP.

Daylight shooting in Trinidad has residents wondering if things have improved at all.

RHEE OP-ED REAX—-Core Knowledge Blog: “Personally the op-ed reads to me like a standard PR tactic to rally public support for the contract. Countering the union line that Rhee favors a “scorched earth” brand of reform, including teacher evaluation, seems almost secondary here”; DC Teacher Chic: “Chancellor Rhee’s editorial seemed more like appeasement than anything else. The hardened attitude that characterizes Chancellor Rhee is not present in her editorial. Rather, the Chancellor is conciliatory; her objective is to garner more support from teachers for her policies and her proposals”; Fordham Fellows: “So what prompted Michelle Rhee to make an appearance in the op-ed pages of today’s WaPo?…[T]here’s no question Rhee has been losing her edge in the all-important PR battle (locally, at least; she’s doing just fine nationally), and, like Barack Obama, she decided to do something about it”; Eduflack: “While her piece in today’s WaPo serves a very specific purpose, it uses a water cannon to deliver what required a delicate pin prick. And unless the Post is going to give her a weekly column, that does constitute a wasted opportunity of sorts.”

AND FROM DETROIT: “I wish Michelle Rhee, the tough-as-tacks chancellor of schools in Washington, D.C., had a twin.”

Hotel inauguration haul came to nearly $95 million—-that works out to about $605 per room on average for the four days around the inauguration, according to Nikita Stewart‘s WaPo report. AND GET READY: “Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), chairman of the Committee on Finance and Revenue, will hold a public hearing Thursday on the revenue and costs of the inauguration.” Also WRC-TV.

WCCA goes ahead with convention center hotel financing, Neibauer reports in Examiner. “Goldman Sachs and Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. were named co-senior underwriters for the hotel-related tax increment financing bond sale, the authority announced Monday. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Loop Capital Markets will be involved as well.” Biz Journal also has a very fine story on these developments.

Man spends seven years sitting in MLK Library’s Washingtoniana Room, entering building permit data from microfilm, John Kelly reports in his WaPo column. “[Brian Kraft] cataloged every building permit issued in the District of Columbia over a 72-year period. Working to the warm hum of a microfilm machine and the click of his laptop, Brian transferred details of the more than 60,000 D.C. building permits issued between 1877 and 1949 to a database he created.”

FROM HOUSING COMPLEX—-Saturday meeting about McMillan site turned into kind of a mess.

NYC bus depot moved—-again—-this time from in front of MLK Library to Old Convention Center site, WaTimes’ Timothy Warren reports. Said DDOT. “That spot proved to be too disruptive to people who lived on that street.”

LLD CAN’T GET ENOUGH CHUCK THIES—-Good thing for this quickie Examiner interview!

Relaxed underage-drinking penalties are now in effect; various folks aren’t happy, NC8 reports.

PoP has report on a community meeting last week where Phil Mendelson appeared to talk about the Fenty crime bill. They didn’t seem to be happy with Mendo.

Tommy Wells has been appointed grand arbiter in conflicts between Southwest ANC and the Corcoran, according to SWDC Blog.

Spanish Education Development Center opens in Petworth, on 4100 block of Kansas Ave. NW. Gee, thanks, Clark Construction, Boston Properties, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, Arnold and Porter, Goulston and Storrs, DLA Piper, Jones Lang LaSalle, CB Richard Ellis, Hickok Cole Architects and Washington Group Sales, et al. You corporate guys are all right!

REMINDER—-Via DCist: Eleanor Holmes Norton‘s yearly tax fair is Saturday.

Is a “U.S. Public Service Academy” coming to D.C.? “The current Congress is paying attention to the idea. Hillary Clinton co-sponsored a bill before leaving the Senate to create the institution, which would cost $205 million a year….[Chris Myers Asch] said he’d like the public service academy to be located in D.C., perhaps on the grounds of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after the facility is closed by the Army.”

DC Education Blog interprets the Yellow Book thusly: “DCPS finances upgraded from ‘Dead’ to ‘Mostly Dead'”

Cop knocked unconscious while serving warrant on 1800 block of A Street SE.

NEW PANDA AT ZOO! NEW PANDA AT ZOO! NEW PANDA AT ZOO!…But it’s one of the less-cute red ones.

WOULD YOU FANCY…a three-story, 61,698-square-foot industrial property built in the early 1920s, which, during Prohibition, housed confiscated vehicles transporting bootlegged liquor so federal agents could destroy the bottles? Then get a load of 50 Florida Avenue NE! $18.5M—-or less.

ONE FEWER DEGREE?—-Kevin Bacon was in town yesterday.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-11:00 a.m.: Committee on Government Operations and the Environment and Committee on Public Works and Transportation hearing on District of Columbia water quality (Part 1 – Lead Contamination), JAWB 412; 2 p.m.: Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary meeting, JAWB 123; 3:00 p.m.: Committee of the Whole hearing on PR18-46, JAWB 500; 4 p.m.: Committee on Human Services public oversight roundtable on youth violence, JAWB 123.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-10:30 a.m.: remarks, child welfare reform update, Child and Family Services Agency Headquarters, 400 6th St. SW; 3:45 p.m.: remarks, S & T Streets parks groundbreaking, intersection of New Hampshire Avenue, and S and 17th Streets NW; 7:00 p.m.: remarks, Stoddert community meeting, Stoddert ES, 4001 Calvert St. NW.