Now, Marion Barry is telling Bruce Johnson that his new tax problem was a result of a serious medical condition. So yeah people now are going to quiz Barry about his prostate and poke at his bad kidneys, inspect his rusty pimp strut, and analyze his weak handshake (not sure about the handshake). All of this new spectacle involving our Councilmember for Life is just sad and annoying. Prosecutors now want Barry in the clink.

The request may be reasonable but it’s not decent. It says way more about the prosecutors’ ambitions than about Barry’s screw up. I doubt Barry knows how e-mail works let alone Turbo Tax. Last time I FOIA-ed for his e-mails I got his chief of staff’s e-mails.

I say leave the poor man alone. Make him do community service. And question his attorney Fred Cooke who walked Barry through the last fight over unpaid taxes. Is this guy still helping Barry? Or has Cooke given up on the man?

5:50 p.m. Update: Barry says he needs a kidney transplant.