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*U Street Girl comments on the fight at Cardozo High, in which 16 students were arrested, 15 injured, and 5 hospitalized after a cafeteria fight between several girls.

*district, schmistrict complains that (a) D.C. has no “townie” bars; (b) Baltimore has real taverns; (c) “fluffy companion dogs” are nice! but unattainable.

*Vox Populi‘s Lillian Kaiser writes a darling headline.

*Capitol Hill Style offers tips for purchasing V-Day flowers. The take-home? Hew to cultural convention:

Don’t Send the Wrong Message! Every flower in the garden has an assigned meaning. Red tulips are a declaration of undying passion. Daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love.

There’s a flower for any message you could want to send, and since women are notorious for reading too much into things, now would not be the time to choose haphazardly.

This means no yellow roses (”I just want to be friends,” or worse, infidelity). No yellow carnations (disdain and rejection). No hyacinth (jealousy) and no snapdragons (deception). Good rule of thumb: no yellow and no carnations.

*John Dickerson reports on Michelle Obama’s trip to Adams Morgan, during which the First Lady addressed a gaggle of kids at Mary’s Center:

“My name is Michelle, and I’m married to the president of the United States. Do you know his name?”

“Barack Obama,” said a 5-year-old girl named Anise, who became the star of the show. She also knew the Obama daughters’ names and several other pieces of information. (She was silent, however, on the stimulus bill.)