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Who knew Leon Harris had a blog? This guy used to fill up the dead air on CNN. He currently provides the gravitas over at WJLA which he has done for some time.  And apparently, he also invokes the common man’s perspective on his blog. Of executive pay limits, he writes under a post called “Unbelievable!”:

“A recurring theme among the execs and their allies has been ‘if you limit their pay, the will take their talent to other companies, and things will only get worse for the bailed-out ones.’ Is that the sorriest blackmail, or is it just me?”

It’s not just you.

Then there’s the blog post about Dionne Warwick.

In a blog post dated Jan. 12, Harris writes of meeting up with Warwick for dinner. They end up talking about her upcoming American Music Inauguration Balls. He gushes:

“I had the honor of sitting next to the Wondrous One at Teatro Goldoni as she laid out her plans for a double-header on Inauguration night.

Ms. Warwick told me she was amazed as she watched the crowd in Chicago on Election night, particularly the youths in the maelstrom. ‘They get it!’, she said with a light in her eyes. She was fueled by the excitement of watching a new generation get excited about their potential, and the threshold of a new age for America they were working to be a part of. That’s what inspired her to do something different, something that hasn’t been done before.

Ms. Warwick told me she was approached about bringing a thousand of those young people to Washington for the Inauguration. “I said, ‘That’s great, but it’s not enough. How about throwing a Ball for them?’”. After further review, she realized her traditional fan base “probably wouldn’t want to get down to ‘Ludacris’ “, and she didn’t want to leave them out. That’s why Dionne Warwick will be hosting TWO Balls in Washington at the Marriott Wardman Park on the same night. One is for the young and young at heart – called the Urban Ball – and one called the Legends Ball for the more ‘experienced.'”

I wonder if Harris ever checked back in with Warwick after her balls were canceled. Anyway, Tim Brant’s blog approves of Leon Harris’ blog.