Is it just me or is the case against Miguel Tejada a bit small? The former Orioles standout obviously doesn’t think so. Tejada just pled guilty to lying to Congress. According to the Post account: “Federal prosecutors alleged that Tejada lied to staffers when he told them he never discussed steroids with other players and didn’t know anybody using the substances.”

Tejada lied about buying HGH. But he stated that he had misgivings about using the performance enhancer and threw out the drugs. Prosecutors don’t have enough evidence showing that he actually used the drug. So he just lied about buying them.

The Post writes:

“Although not charged with taking performance-enhancing drugs or lying about using them, Tejada nevertheless becomes the latest prominent major leaguer to become ensnared in the steroids scandal hammering baseball.”

One interesting note, Tejada’s attorney is Mark Tuohey. He’s investigated the D.C. Police Department with very mixed results. He’s done some lobbying for then-Chief Charles Ramsey. And was a huge baseball booster.