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The great Dan Steinberg today posted some footage of Vinny Cerrato from his other acting job, as a character in a shoestring-budget 1993 feature film called Kindergarten Ninja.

According to the cast roster, Cerrato, who once accused Washington Post columnist/Vinny tormentor Jason La Canfora of playing up Italian stereotypes when mentioning Cerrato on his Post blog, plays somebody named “Antonelli” in the movie.

The clip pulled by Steinberg (my neighbor, friend, idol, etc.) is bad.

Fantastically bad. Valkyrie bad. (Would somebody, maybe executive producer Dan Snyder, explain why the guy playing Hitler has a German accent but Tom Cruise doesn’t?)

But Cerrato, decked out in a stone-washed or acid-washed ensemble, looks marvelous.

Speaking of moonlighting: Seeing as Cerrato took a big radio job when the Skins were winning, then hid from fans as soon as the team started losing, there’s gotta be some way I can now work the phrase “Ninja Turtles!” into my copy.

There’s just gotta be.