WTOP’s Mark Segraves just sent out the news blast to us reporter types: The first D.C. Council—Local Media basketball showdown is set.

The battle will be at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 9, at Verizon Center. It takes place 90 minutes prior to the City Title basketball game between the DCIAA and WCAC champs. Not sure about this just yet, but to get in, looks like you’ll have to buy a ticket to the City Title game, and show up real early.

Segraves has been trying to put this together for at least three years; about a week and a half ago, he thought he had a done deal, but trouble erupted about rumored concerns over the venue and whether Mayor Adrian M. Fenty would be involved. Early, very tentative plans had Hizzoner refereeing, but such mayoral participation, Segraves says, was “a deal breaker” with the council.

With things in limbo, last Friday, WTOP-FM WAMU-FM host and media-team coach Kojo Nnamdi took to the air and issued a public challenge to District legislators. They have duly responded. Marion Barry will be coaching the Wilson Building crew; all members save David Catania and Jim Graham have agreed to participate.

LL is gratified to learn that the rules will be make-it-take-it. He had raised a fuss when he heard rumors of it being a halfcourt losers’ outs game. As any D.C. native—-and any Cheap Seats reader—-knows, this is a make-it-take-it town, all the way.

Now LL needs to start working on his pick-and-roll…