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Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space details the problems with bicycle sharing in Paris. Vandalism and theft have taken a huge toll. Ridership was still off the charts: “There are a couple of “take aways” from this. One is that the program is successful—imagine, 42 million new bicycle trips in about 18 months! Two is that the amount of vandalism is incredible, and I am curious about what it communicates about the level of connectedness and civic engagement on the part of a goodly group of Parisians.”

Bloomingdale (for now) reports that a new restaurant is coming to Brookland.

Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could reports that the National Marathon’s route is set to change.

Metrocurean spotlights Jackson’s Roasting & Carving Co. on Quincy in Arlington. The restaurant will “launch a special Restaurant Week lunch deal for two next week. For $20.09, two diners will get a sandwich featuring freshly roasted, hand-carved meats, a housemade side dish and homemade chocolate chip cookie.”

New Columbia Heights finds that now every metro line can be followed on Twitter.

The Vinyl District revists some old Talk Talk songs and posts some MP3s.

Wonkette wonders about the stimulus bill i.e. how it will finally end up: “So what secret provisions did House and Senate negotiators slip into the bill into order to win the eternal fealty of the lobster queen Susan Collins and the other handful of senators who hold the entire fate of the free world in their parsimonious little fists?” TPM has an idea of what Collins is up to.