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Mike Kalyan, City Paper‘s former production manager, moved from D.C. to Alexandria recently. He needed to register his car. Kalyan brought in his paperwork to the DMV office on Four Mile Run. His paperwork was, characteristically, in order. And then the employee asked him if the mileage total on his car was correct. He confirmed the total: 126,058 miles. In an email, Kalyan relates what happened next:

The employee then told me that my reading was less than what the DC title said it was. I looked at the DC title and it said 829985. Apparently the person who processed the paperwork when I titled my car in DC included the “tenth” of the odometer. The employee then informed me that I would have to go back to the DC DMV and have them pull the original paperwork, correct and re-issue the title before I could transfer the title to VA! This means at least three more trips: one to the DC DMV to get this straightened out and then back to VA for a title, then for inspections, and then to get it registered.

Kalyan tried to plead his case, saying the only way he could have put nearly a million miles on his car was to have driven it 2,280 miles per week. It didn’t work. See you in line, Mike!