On the Web site for the Clive OwenNaomi Watts thriller The International, you can click on a link for the IBBC — aka the film’s source of all evil — that takes you to a full profile of the institution, including a working email address for customer service.

I tried it out and got this auto-reply:

The IBBC welcomes your comments. Your email has been forwarded to the appropriate person who will review your email in full. If we determine that a relationship with the IBBC has the potential to be mutually beneficial, you will be contacted within five business days by a local bank coordinator.

Die IBBC schätzt Ihre Kommentare. Ihre E-Mail ist zu einer angemessenen Person weitergeleitet worden die Ihre E-Mail lesen wird. Falls wir uns entschliessen dass eine Beziehung zur IBBC gegenseitig nutzbringend ist, werden Sie innerhalb von 5 Geschäftstagen von einem Bank Coordinator vor Ort kontaktiert.

Now, I admit that meta-thoroughness in film marketing can be kind of cool. But there’s a fine line between impressive attention to detail and a complete waste of time, and I’m thinking a bogus email account falls into the latter category.

Regardless: Can anyone translate the German portion? Does it say the same thing as the English graf, or something mysterious or deliciously profane?