Driver Matt Kenseth, after winning the Daytona 500 by rainout, told a TV audience through tears that the victory was “a G moment.”

I wasn’t familiar with the phrase, but ran to Google to confirm that “G Moment” is a trademark of a sponsor.

Turns out it’s from Gatorade.

Kenseth’s plug was seamlessly delivered with the rest of his victory speech. He wiped away the tears and took a pull from a bottle of orange Gatorade.

It was brilliant and douchebaggy, all at once.

And, besides, Kenseth’s pitch wasn’t nearly the hardest to watch speech of the day. That award goes to the pre-race prayer delivered by some clown named Dr. David Uth, a preacher from Orlando.

Anybody who wants to work up some anti-Christian fervor should check out Uth’s work, while remembering this is a sporting event that calls itself “The Great American Race.”

Talk about a pulpit bully.

Uth was only brought in because longtime race chaplain Rev. Hal Marchman, 90, was too ill to deliver the invocation. Marchman used to end his prayer with “shalom and amen.”

The heavens must not have liked Uth’s drivel too much.

In one of the few non-offensive portions of his speech, Uth thanked God for the sunshine.

And then the clouds opened up.