Trash on the Anacostia River after a rainstorm.
Trash on the Anacostia River after a rainstorm.

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Penn Quarter Living wonders whether anyone uses the CVS one-hour photo processing? The ubiquitous chain advertises its one-hour service. But PQL notes—-at least in their hood—-there’s plenty of other photo processing options like the great Penn Camera.

And Now, Anacostia spotlights a new(?) website— The site offers a petition and info aimed at cleaning up the Anacostia River. The photo gallery is a heartbreaker.

Life in Mount Vernon Square rants about dead trees. It’s epic:

“I need to vent. This is my saga of a service request for dying trees on Ridge St.

I submitted a service request on 06/11/07 for inspection of numerous dead and dying trees. I called again 04/22/08 I was told the trees were inspected 10/02/07 and it takes 9 to 12 months for the trees to be trimmed and/or removed.

I did a follow up on 09/10/08. I was then informed 7 trees were to be pruned…It takes 9 to 12 months , sometimes a little longer

I followed up again on 02/10/2009 I was informed that one of three supervisors would call me.

On 02/11/2009 William ….. called. He said he remembered inspecting the trees. He said it has been so long they might have to be removed. I agreed and said most had died. He said the District has not had a pruning contract for 6 months. Try back in a few months. I asked if there was anything I could do to expedite and he suggest I call other people and my ANC commissioner. This service request has been open for 20 months! Please be aware of falling tree limbs when walking or parking on Ridge Strees. Consider this my call for help.”

Frozen Tropics posts a mugging story which provokes more mugging stories in the comments section.

Borderstan offers a selection of crimes that recently took place in PSA 208 including construction site theft and office theft, a stolen GPS, and this:

“Theft occurred in the 1100 b/o Connecticut Ave. NW on 2/12/2009 4 p.m. Citizen reports the suspect, a black male, 5′9, 220 lbs. attempted to steal jeans but was stopped. S1 fled in a Honda, silver in color bearing DC tags.”

Our own Black Plastic Bag writes up a quick review of Dan Deacon’s Bromst LP which just leaked. That record is going to be huge.

*photo of a trashy Anacostia River after a storm by Trash Free Anacostia