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The Washington Post yesterday posted a transcript of reporter Eric Prisbell’s interview with Gary Williams.

It’s a fabulous conversation, and both Prisbell and Williams seem at the top of their games.

Williams comes off better here than he did in the Post’s three-part, more-words-than-Chandra-Levy-got series on the Maryland coach and his recruiting tools.

Here, he’s defiant throughout and never flinches during all the questions and statements from Prisbell hammering home Williams’ reputation as a lackadaisical recruiter.

My favorite portion:

EP: But people want to see you in recruiting. Your name matters in the recruiting scene.
GW: I am out there. I was out every day I could go out. I was at the DeMatha game the other night.


So that fuzzy guy in that fuzzy red jacket in that fuzzy photo really is Gary Williams!

Granted, this fuzzy photo probably won’t be enough to satisfy Williams’ detractors.

Even if they accepted that this photo of Williams at DeMatha isn’t a hoax, they would point out that Coach K would have sat in the front row a little closer to center court.