Good afternoon, Washington. Below the links, City Paper is pleased to announce winners in its 2009 Inauguration Reader’s Choice Contest.

*Ben Smith touches on the New York TimesPolitico spat; Greg Sargent, meanwhile, mediates between the rhetoric of NYT Exec. Editor Bill Keller and that of Politico‘s John Harris.

*Farm Fresh Meat, hoping to cure his blogger’s block, escapes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

*Got a little thing for one of your local bloggers? Lemmonex at Culinary Couture certainly does:

I have a secret. I have crushes on some of you. My heart flutters at your comments. I await your haikus. I wonder where some of you are when I haven’t heard from you in a few days. I love how I can predict some of your responses. I read some of your blogs and adore the insights in to your life. Really, isn’t this the perfect definition of a crush?

If this sounds familiar, or if you’d just like to meet some of the local Rooshbags, get yourself to Marvin on Friday at 8 p.m. for a D.C. Blogger Happy Hour.

*And speaking of blogger happy hours: Arjewtino reveals the method behind the madness:

…for this one, Lemmonex emailed us and asked, “Are we doing a theme to this one or just ‘come and get fucked up’?”

*And speaking of bloggers and booze(!): Mr. T in D.C. is hoping to live to 100. His solution? A daily glass of pinot noir. Too bad he can’t find a drinkable one.

Now, to the photos! Thanks to all who voted at our Inauguration Photo HQ, and congrats again to the winners of our first contest (you know, the one that actually involved multiple prizes).

Third place went to iandavidmuir for this shot:

Second, to AnyaLogic for this shot, which also won our print-version contest:

And first place went to keekeedee for this shot:

Keekeedee: Your gift basket’s in the mail. And, you know, make sure to thank your friends for voting.