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A cleaning crew inadvertently let Lucy, an Australian shepherd/husky mix, loose from her basement apartment in Mount Pleasant. Her owners, Dan Wood and his girlfriend, Sarah Darnell, have since papered D.C. with posters. The posters urge people to call immediately, as “Lucy is shy.” But today, 15 days since she started her adventure, Lucy is still still lost.

She has, however, been spotted. The day she got out, she ran through the National Zoo, where, in an image straight out of a Curious George, she was chased out by zookeepers with nets.

Since then, there have been 12 or 13 credible sightings, mostly in Crestwood and around Rock Creek Park. Wood, 33, who is working in D.C. as part of his last semester at Albany Law School, created a Web site, lostlucy.com, that tracks her movements. It includes a Google map, a blog, and adorable pictures (see above) of the dog who loves socks. “When we come home,” says Wood, “she’s very excited and comes to greet us. Then she’ll immediately run to the laundry basket and dig out one of our socks. By the end of the week, we’ll have 20 or 30 socks strewn around the living room.” As a result, Wood tries to buy like-colored socks, so they’re not hard to match come wash time.

The latest sighting—-on Tuesday—-has Lucy at Davenport Street and Linean Avenue NW, which prompted Wood to blog:

Ninja Dog is just crossing Rock Creek Park, hopping between Forest Hills and Crestwood.  We’re on to you, Lucy. Your days of ninjary are numbered.

“A lot of people have called,” says Wood in a phone interview. “Half of them are just very nice people asking if we’ve found her. They’ll say…’We’re praying for Lucy.'”

If he gets a call that sounds credible, either he or Darnell will try and get there as quickly as possible. But both are working at government agencies and sometimes they can’t leave at a moment’s notice. Their landlord has gone in their proxy on a couple of tips. “She loves Lucy, too,” says Wood.

Lucy was a rescue dog, brought up from a kill shelter in Tennessee by a volunteer at a no-kill shelter in Albany. Wood picked her up on Leap Day 2004, when she was 11 months old. Losing Lucy has been heartbreaking, he says. “That first day, I thought maybe she was just in someone’s alleyway smelling garbage. I called and called to her. I didn’t think this would go on for weeks.”