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The D.C. Council’s right there, too!

It’s busy times in the office of council budget director Eric Goulet, who has the requisite amount of paperwork in his office—-tons!—-to prove he’s worthy of his title. It’s a messy office, but an organized messy. “I’ll show you my folders,” he exclaims.

And indeed he does. There’s the folder for the FY ’10 budget; folders for FY ’10 budget earmark requests, of which he already has a half-dozen (pork isn’t just a congressional thing!); there’s even the 2009 federal stimulus package folder. There’s probably some folders in there, too, for budget-director-relevant items like zoned infrastructure bonds and recreational zoned bonds.

In this world of acronyms and baselines and targets, however, there’s possibly nothing more pressing at the moment than MOEs.

Say what? Yes, MOEs. It’s a stimulus term that stands for “Maintenance of Effort.” What it all means is that the city must maintain effort—-or provide a certain, respectable level of services—-in order to qualify for stimulus cash.

—By Mike DeBonis