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Professor Holger Zaborowski, Dr. Z for short, leans up against the chalkboard. Wearing a navy blue sportsjacket over a green v-neck sweater, he starts up a discussion in his Tues-Thurs 9:35 a.m. Philosophy of Religion, a familiar topic to students at Catholic University.

Today, the focus is on the concept of God – Dr. Z. plays moderator, a Brian Williams with a German accent (Williams went to CUA for a brief period before transferring to GW, but the University still likes to lay claim to him).

So what’s the proper analogy for the concept of God? The conversation in a wide classroom offered up a few:

“If you’re watching a Chinese soap opera, but you don’t understand Chinese, you can still follow along.”

“My brother may think that Hannah Montana is God, but he also has this idea of what a greater being can be conceived of.”

“If somebody somehow spoke in Morse code it would just be so far from the language which you knew, it would just be so different.”

One student made up a word for an animal, and asserted that people would be able to conceive of that animal in their mind without further explanation.

“Am I the only one who thinks this? So I’m going to be excommunicated and I’m a nutcase great. It sounded good in my head.”