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Joseph Doyle volunteers most days at the Scott Library at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, where he lives.

He loves the quality of life there, in no small part because of the library.

“I bet it’s the only library in Washington, DC, that’s open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year,” says Doyle, 76. “I even worked on Thanksgiving.”

Along with the hours, Doyle is quite proud of the Scott Library’s unofficial mascot, a massive goldfishy-looking fish that swims alone in a tank near the main entrance.

“Watch this: He knows tricks!” Doyle tells me.

He then runs his index finger along the front pane of the tank, and the goldfishy-looking fish (“He doesn’t have a name, far as I know,” says Doyle) puts his nose against the glass and follows Doyle’s finger wherever it goes.

I tell him I’d never seen a fish do a trick.

“Oh, he’s just hungry,” Doyle says, modestly. “He thinks I’m gonna feed him. That’s all.”