At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown was committed to going big for the inauguration, in all possible ways.

So he plopped in the lobby of his council office a 61-inch Toshiba television, the better for constituents and staffers to take in the historic occasion. The gigantic device served its purpose, and now it’s serving another one. As a problem, that is.

This sports bar-caliber electronic appliance is a beast, and the office has had trouble with moving arrangements. “Nobody can fit it in their vehicle,” says Irma Esparza, Brown’s chief of staff.

As a Washington City Paper reporter and Esparza were discussing the situation, the councilmember walked in. The reporter suggested that the councilmember select his greatest moments from the dais and transfer them to a DVD and play the thing over and over on the Toshiba, on a loop.

Brown one-upped that plan: “No, it should just be me, my face. You walk in, ‘Hi, it’s me.’ In the words of Lil Wayne, ‘I’m me.'”