Portrait of a Student as a Young Rapper

Alonzo is an aspiring rapper. He’s originally from Bed-Stuy (like Biggie!), but now resides in Petworth. Around 3:30 p.m. today, we catch him hanging by the entrance to the Tenleytown Metro Station with his friends. As he raps, a friend records the song.

Brockett says he’s been out of class since 11 a.m. He’s a senior, and he doesn’t have very many credits left to graduate. Some days, he and his pals “hit up Chipotle.” Maybe later, they’ll go to Union Station, a good spot for checking out the ladies.

Portrait of a Student as a Young Fashionista

Traivr (left)is a sophomore. We found her hanging out near the front of Domino’s—-$2 pizza slices!—-on Wisconsin Avenue. Like her glasses? They were handed out today for a movie she saw at the Newseum with her history class.

Portrait of a Student as a Young…Student

This is Amadeo, a sophomore. At the moment, he’s waiting for a bus to take him to Chevy Chase, where he works at the Broad Branch Market. School was “horrible,” he says. And tomorrow won’t be much better: He’s got three exams and he won’t be able to start studying for them until 8 p.m., after work.

Images by Darrow Montgomery