Good morning, City Desk readers. Did y’all enjoy your average day? Check out our average day tag to read yesterday’s reporting experiment in full. Now for Freedom Friday:

  • Pete Eyre of Bureaucrash observed the anniversary of Ruby Ridge yesterday, and finished up his eulogy quite nicely: “This post touches on lots of factors but they all come down to one thing: That we, as individuals, should be free to act so long as we don’t initiate force against another. If we continue to stand idly by as our freedoms are usurped it’ll soon be too late. Because, as Thomas Jefferson noted, ‘When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.'”
  • Speaking of speaking up: This year’s March on the Pentagon takes place on March 21 (which also happens to be the day that Rita’s will be giving out free 10 oz. Italian ices!). Participants are meeting up at noon at 23rd St. & Constitution Ave. The theme is the same as last year: “Occupation is a crime!” Dress accordingly.
  • In local news, Michael Perkins of Greater Greater Washington has an insanely thorough breakdown of proposed Metro service cuts. Here’s just a taste of the proposed bus cuts: “Eliminate the 60 (Ft. Totten-Petworth) while keeping the 64; the L4 (Connecticut Ave) while keeping the L1 and L2; the N3 (Massachusetts Ave) while keeping the N2, N4, and N6; and the P2 (Anacostia-Eckington) while keeping the P1 and P6. Shorten the 42 bus between McPherson and Metro Center, and the 80 between McPherson and the Kennedy Center.”

Have a good weekend, City Desk readers.