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My duties have lagged in regard to keeping City Desk readers up to date on the played-out drama regarding the proposed Giant grocery complex on Wisconsin Avenue. And do you know why? Because this NIMBY crap has gone on with this project for 10 YEARS and no one gives a shit anymore.

Please, for the love of God and decent produce, just build the damn thing.

So what’s the news? Misery has company. According to a telling but very unscientific poll prompted by Bill Adler, co-founder of the Cleveland Park Listserv, 77 percent of online voters (or 205 people), agree with me. Also-rans include 16 percent (44 votes) who still want to build it, but with conditions; the ANC wants a whole host of those, including a demand that there be no deliveries between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., which seems rediculous for a) running a grocery store and b) running a grocery store in what is already a commercial corridor. Six percent (a whopping 16 votes) agreed with the poll’s statement: “This isn’t good for the neighborhood: I oppose the Giant’s development proposal.”

As for where the project stands, Greater Greater Washington has a good summary piece from a recent public meeting. Zoning hearings resume April 6 and could carry on for a night or two after that, so that every NIMBY who’s had his say can continue to talk.

Photograph of the current Giant on Wisconsin Avenue by me