The changes just keep coming at the Washington Post. Below, check out the memo from Outlook Editor John Pomfret that outlines it all:

This Sunday, the new Outlook will debut. The section will grow from five pages to eight (six of them in color). But more important, thanks to our new partnership with Book World, the revamped Outlook will now include book reviews and book-related essays as part of our coverage of the ideas and debates that make Washington go. Overall, we intend to evolve from a section generally associated with opinion journalism to one that interrogates ideas without mercy, a section that people rely on to keep them smart, whether on the cocktail circuit or at their 6 a.m. boot camp workouts.

To do that, we need your help. Everyone in the newsroom has at least one good Outlook story in them—or knows someone who does. We want those ideas and, although we’re back near Sports behind a glass wall, our door is really always open. Please bug us with tips, suggestions and critiques. This means everyone — from reporters, photographers, graphic designers and editors in Washington, to the out-of-town bureaus to the foreign staff, too.

For example, one of the recurring features we plan is a weekly (edited) Q&A with compelling characters from around Washington and the world. We are looking for edgier types from all realms—politics, the social sciences, business, culture—who have something unique to add to the debate on current affairs. Is there someone from your beat that would work for this? From Hedge fund impresario Michael Steinhardt on the financial mess to Korean-American playwright Young Jean Lee on the nature of the black experience in America. Again, we’d love contributions and suggestions for this section from the whole newsroom, in Washington and beyond.