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On Saturday, Colby King wrote another column addressing youth violence and the problems with DYRS. In his column, he spoke for journalists all over—-but especially here in the District—-about all those columns getting zero respect from the people that could actually fix the juvenile justice system. In other words, he’s spilled a lot of ink on a pretty worthy crusade and no one in power seemed to care.

This does not bode well for the rest of us (citizen bloggers, alt-weekly vets, Legal Times interns). King is a big-time powerhouse journalist. His columns are must-reads every Saturday. And he has people who agree with him on this issue (those people all seem to work at D.C. Superior Court).

King laments:

“After writing about problems in DYRS for more than a year, I believe it is clear that city officials remain satisfied with the agency’s stewardship and direction; otherwise, they would have made changes.

A D.C. Council member told me that my columns about DYRS simply contain ‘anecdotes,’ the same dismissive label that DYRS Director Vincent Schiraldi reportedly applied to my columns in a public forum last year.

So there it is.

Lo, a steady stream of juvenile justice columns over these many months signifies nothing.

I must, therefore, apologize to you, dear readers, for wasting your time…”