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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“Harvard Hall Residents: Fire Alarms Didn’t Work“; “Fenty Talks ‘Best Practices’ With Abu Dhabi Honcho“; “Fenty-Booker Fundraiser: The Flier

Morning all. The D.C. House Voting Rights Act is up for its most difficult legislative test to date, a cloture vote in the U.S. Senate which will take place after 10 a.m. this morning. For the bill to proceed, 60 senators must vote in favor. (Confused? Eleanor Holmes Norton put out a helpful press release explaining the process.) The WaPo editorial board marks the occasion with a bit of a go-get-’em piece this morning, with a nod to LL’s mantra on the issue: LET THE COURTS DECIDE! (For a different view, try the Examiner’s editorial titled “Read the Constitution: D.C. is not a state.”)

Mark Segraves at WTOP, Bruce Johnson at WUSA-TV, Maureen Umeh at WTTG-TV, and David Nakamura at WaPo all have additional details on Mayor Adrian M. Fenty‘s fabulous Arabian getaway. Reports Nak: “Asked why he went to Dubai, Fenty replied: ‘I always wanted to go. I did set up some meetings. They were very general…It was a fantastic city, very cosmopolitan, like D.C. I even met a few people there who were from Washington.'”

DID FENTY INSERT HIMSELF IN INT’L INCIDENT?—-WTOP: “Fenty…attended the Dubai Tennis Championships. The international event has drawn criticism this year because the UAE denied an Israeli player, Shahar Peer, a visa to enter the country….Fenty says he was aware the Israeli player was not allowed to participate, but decided to attend the event anyway. ‘I didn’t know before I got to Dubai. I knew it once I got to the UAE.’ As for whether he should have boycotted the event, Fenty says ‘it seemed as if by the end of the tournament they had gotten the matter behind them.'”

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says his polity will join the District in any litigation to follow the passage of the DCHVRA, WaTimes reports: “It will be debated constitutionally by the Supreme Court, and I think it will get a rigorous hearing; hopefully, a quick hearing….You have an injustice in that you have people paying taxes that aren’t represented. And in our state, you have injustice in that we have a whole lot of people that are underrepresented.” MORE DCVRA COVERAGE from NC8, DCist.

ABC NEWS POLL—-“Six in 10 Americans favor voting rights in the U.S. House of Representatives for Washington, D.C….Support is similar to what was in an ABC/Post poll in 2007, while opposition has inched up by 7 points, with fewer undecided. There’s a partisan edge to these views, with support ranging from 67 percent among Democrats to 58 percent among independents and 50 percent among Republicans. There’s a gender gap, too — support is 11 points higher among women — and an age gap, with support highest (66 percent) among under 30s, lowest (49 percent) among seniors.”

Feds propose $39M payment to District for inaug expenses, plus $20M to suburbs, Mary Beth Sheridan reports in WaPo. “The bill is expected to be considered in the House this week and is not open to amendments, House officials said.” OTHER GOODIES—-“The bill also would give the District $109 million for school improvements, college tuition support and other educational expenses….That is $35 million more than the amount for D.C. education awarded in last year’s spending bill.”

ALSO IN SPENDING BILL—-Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio spots language that spells trouble for D.C. voucher program: “Democrats have inserted language into the $410 billion package that would end funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program after the 2009-2010 school year. The bill stipulates that subsequent spending on the program would require reauthorization of the program by Congress and ‘the adoption of language by the D.C. City Council approving such reauthorization.'” Includes quotes from John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi.

WCP colleague Jason Cherkis yesterday intruded repeatedly onto LL’s local-politics turf—-as he is welcome to do!—-and smacked around (a) Yvette Alexander and Harry Thomas Jr. for kowtowing to seniors at the expense of a nonprofit serving at-risk youth, (b) all those folks who aren’t paying attention to Colby King, and (c) Peter Nickles, of course.

HALLELUJAH, OPM!—-Crime lab plans finally on the move; MPD 1D HQ will move to the former Bowen ES in Southwest, with crime lab to go into 1D’s former space at 4th and School Streets SW. Projected finish date for lab: 2011. Ha!

In WaPo letter, Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper explains DCPL cutbacks: “Since October, the system has paid out more than $280,000 in overtime; this is not an expense we can maintain. We considered alternatives such as using volunteers. We use many volunteers now and welcome more, especially in these times. But volunteers can only augment, not replace, the staff needed to run the libraries.”

MARION BARRY UPDATE—-The kidney transplantee has been moved out of the Howard University Hospital ICU; discharge could come Thursday. Also articles from Washington Informer, Afro American. LL CORRECTION—-He reported Saturday that Fenty had spoken to Barry Saturday morning; he called a Barry aide but was not able to speak to Barry.

STUMPER—-Marc Fisher wants more lanes on I-66 inside Beltway. Induced demand, anyone?

WaTimes’ Michael Drost tries to make some point about the immigration status of Chandra Levy not-quite-suspect Ingmar Guandique, goes right over LL’s head. Retainer? Detainer? Huh? BURIED LEDE—-Fenty: “We want to have something to discuss with the media within the next 24 to 48 hours.”

INSTEAD—-Read this AP piece, which concerns Guandique’s history as a violent, substance-abusing misanthrope.

CNN/New Yorker legal dude Jeffrey Toobin, as quoted by NC8: “For those of us who have been following this case for all these years, Guandique is not a surprise suspect. In fact, one of the big questions about this investigation is why wasn’t he focused on earlier. And why wasn’t he? Well, this was a botched investigation, I think it’s safe to say.”

NC8 follows up on Harvard Hall fire—-LL was all over the alarm issues yesterday; “the reason the fire alarm didn’t go off is because the building’s smoke detectors are not connected to the building’s fire alarm system.”

Michelle Rhee‘s influence extends to Crossville, Tenn. That’s the Golf Capital of Tennessee, people! But what’s the “Washington D.C. Anacostia school district”?

AND—-Rhee’s name makes its way into another right-wing op-ed.

Cops investigating Pamela Butler‘s disappearance have turned their sights on ex-boyfriend, who tells NC8, “They’re searching my car they got stuff from my house and they’re going to find that there’s nothing showing that I did anything to her….If they had any direct link of me with her disappearance or doing something to her I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

Big child prostitution bust had D.C. connections, WUSA-TV reports.

MUST-OWN REFERENCE—-“Washington Sculpture” by James M. Goode, profiled in John Kelly‘s WaPo column today.

Blogger on Jim Graham‘s trademark e-mail signoff: “‘Bests’? Way to pluralize incorrectly, Jimbo.”

TRAIN LIKE FENTY…at CycleLife USA, “Georgetown’s high-end bike mecca and training facility.” There, says WaPo fitness writer, Hizzoner “sticks his regular road bike into one of the gym’s CompuTrainers. That turns a bike into a stationary machine that adjusts the resistance according to real-life outdoor courses while the user watches coordinated video footage recorded on helmet-mounted cameras. That way you have the feel of the road with the look of the road.”

FINANCIAL CORNER—-Friedman, Billings, Ramsey’s REIT will be renamed “Arlington Asset Investment Corp.,” Biz Journal reports. I-banking arm retains the FBR name.

Road closures will be in place around Hill for President Obama’s speech to joint session of Congress tonight.


courtesy of Bisnow, that’s Jack Evans at an Oscar party hosted by rich guy Rick Rickertsen (that’s really his name). He’s seen with Andrea Johnson, “a mechanical engineer with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who licenses nuclear reactors,” and Jossie Ali of the Red Cross who “saves lives.” Examiner says he was at another party, too, at Hard Rock Cafe!

Examiner has deets on Elton John/Billy Joel concert set for Nats Park July 11. “Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday via livenation.com and at 1-888-695-6849. Prices range from $56.50 to $182.”

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-12 p.m.: joint hearing on the capital budget, JAWB 412; 2 p.m.: Committee on Economic Development agency performance oversight hearing on Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission, JAWB 500; 2 p.m.: Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs meeting, JAWB 123.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-7:05 a.m.: guest, Morning Joe, MSNBC (from White House northwest gate); 11 a.m.: attendee, Senate vote on D.C. House Voting Rights Act, U.S. Capitol; 2:15 p.m.: remarks, press availability on D.C. House Voting Rights Act, U.S. Capitol—-Ohio Clock Corridor; 4 p.m.: attendee, photo opportunity with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C St. NW; 8:30 p.m.: attendee, President Obama’s address to joint session of Congress, U.S. Capitol; 12 a.m.: guest, Larry King Live, CNN.