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The mayor rarely makes a huge mistake when he’s here. Then the man takes a week-long vacation in Dubai and suddenly he’s starting to sound a lot like some Jack Abramoff crony. As Fisher outlines in a detailed blog post, Fenty says he always wanted to go to Dubai. Then it’s revealed that the United Arab Emirates government paid for the trip. Did Fenty really always want to go there?

Then there is Fenty’s total sellout while visiting Dubai. He attended the Dubai Tennis Championships despite the fact that the tournament barred an Israeli woman from playing, that the Tennis channel refused to air the tournament over the barring, and Andy Roddick pulled out of the tournament in protest. Fenty’s answer on why he attended the tournament is limp.

Fenty explained to the Post:

“‘It’s a very complicated international diplomatic situation,” he told The Post’s David Nakamura. “Concerns were raised. After Venus Williams won, she raised the issue and I think she talked for most people when she said she would have preferred if everyone was allowed to play. But by the end, they seemed to have resolved the matter in that they were going to allow an Israeli to play in the men’s tournament.'”

The female tennis player was still barred. This was enough for the Wall Street Journal‘s European edition to drop its sponsorship and for the Washington Post (another sponsor) to urge the tournament be moved out of Dubai next year.

So why was Fenty really in Dubai? And why did he have to sellout?