Forget about the terrible economy. The D.C. Police Department is hiring. Starting salary is $48, 715 per year with plenty of benefits and vacation days. The department writes:

“The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is focused on building a crime-fighting partnership with the community, and developing our own promise and potential as a department. Police work requires a certain type of individual — one who has strong interpersonal skills and the motivation to work with our partners to help build strong, safe and healthy communities throughout the District of Columbia”

Is this you? Do you have strong interpersonal skills? Do you mind getting ripped by bloggers for not doing enough?

If the job seems appealing, the department is testing applicants tomorrow at police headquarters. Times may vary so you gotta call ahead—-(800) 994-MPDC or (202) 645-0445. And you may want to read this guide to real policing before taking that test.