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Just when we’re really, really close on that whole taxation-with-representation thing, some yahoo goes and suggests D.C. should really just be more Maryland. Thanks for the stall, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, but it was a total bust. Here in the nation’s capital, we still sort-of like immigrants and we prefer to remain the tax-scandalized, dysfunctional, and Marion-Barry-loving voters that Marylanders have come to distrust. So give us the fucking voting member already.

Also news: The White House Puppy has been chosen! The girls are getting a Portuguese water dog. It’s not the goldendoodle some of us were pulling for, but still terribly sweet:

In other less-adorable news around the D.C. blogoworld:

* Apple is not yet welcome in Georgetown, but North Face totally is. You know, because G-town does scream “hikers!” so much louder than “computer geeks!”

* The troubled D.C. forensic lab still seems like a gleam in the city’s eye, but at least the design is impressive. DC Metrocentric has the deets.

* And speaking of swanky designs, check out the proposed DC EMS Engine Co. 13 at 4th and E Streets in the little quadrant that could.

* But isn’t old just better sometimes? And Now Anacostia makes a good case in its paean to the Warehouse Supermarket at Good Hope Road and 14th.

* And speaking of abundance, Greater Greater Washington wants an all-you-can-eat approach to transit modeled after Denver’s. Bellying up to the Metro trough does have its advantages… but Denver does have more bums. See the connection? Yeah, me neither.

Photo by torre_urnes